What happens when heaven touches earth?


It's finally happening...
the series that journeys right into the heart of God, His unfailing and unconditional love.

Season one is based on the novel: God Came Running.

What's the Project ?

The story of an angel discovering why, and just how much, God loves mankind. 

This project is the grand culmination of decades of work. It will be a TV series, told from a spiritual perspective. We travel through heaven, hell and earth to follow two stories. A modern story of a girl called into her destiny (despite the forces of darkness that come against her), and a period piece about the crucifixion (also told from a spiritual perspective).

This will be a journey into the love of God, narrated by an angel, and told in a way it has never been told before. We plan to make this spiritual journey more real, more tangible, and more captivating than ever. We want everyone to walk away from this series feeling like heaven, the angelic realm, and the love of God are all closer than they ever imagined they could be.  

Where do we stand in the project now?

So far almost all the technical equipment has been purchased. The book has been written and launched. The story has been depicted in a series of 24 oil paintings. The soundtrack has been laid down. The theme song is complete. Currently the 3D characters are under development. After that it will be time to start creating the 3D environments where all the scenes will take place.

What we need to take the next step

We are currently asking for financial help to acquire a high quality motion capture suit (cost R220 000 ZAR) to bring the characters to life in extreme detail.

Brilliant talent already on board

  • World-class composer Mauritz Lotz has already created the soundtrack for the series. 

  • Rhuan du Toit (formerly of Touch of Class) sang the theme song “Finally Home.”

  • Internationally awarded artist Lené A. Pienaar is doing character design and world building.

Technical stuff

This entire series will be created as a realistic animation in Unreal Engine, allowing us to get very creative with all the other-worldly elements in the story – the creatures of darkness, the environment of heaven, and so forth. So that means that the whole thing will be captured by animation suit actors and brought to life by voice-over artists.

This will place this series on the very cutting edge of new technology and possibilities in film. We will literally be using new generation technology as it gets released (in the next couple of months). How exciting to be part of something brand new and extraordinary!

Behind the scenes

We will keep this page updated with all the developments in the project as they happen.

Please help get the word out

Please help us out by getting the word out, and if you feel so inclined your prayers will be much appreciated as well.

This is a story that has to be told, a journey we need to share, and a message that can change lives. Please think of helpig us make it a reality. 


A SERIOUS thank you reading through what we have going on. We can't wait to begin sharing what is currently in the works.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to the project, please use the button provided below. Thank you!

Cover for Ebook (TN).jpg

Book Cover


Sketch from the book

Peggy Hilderbrand of Bridge Logos Publishers, USA.

“Fascinating, deeply moving and spiritually touching. I was riveted from scene to scene, realising there is so much we don’t know about the spiritual world. Enjoy as you read this! What more could you want from a book?”


More info coming soon.


Heavens Gates

Heaven's Gates