An artist who's sole passion is for finding ways to bring glory to God and share His inexpressible beauty with others.

Lené A. Pienaar

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Lené A. Pienaar was born in South Africa, Pretoria, only a week after its darkest hour in 1976. From the very beginning she could be found drawing endlessly or making clay sculptures in the mud. At age 6 she sketched out all the Disney characters and held an exhibition at home with all the family invited. At 50c a piece – her folks bought them all (making it a sell-out, hee hee). A few years later, in High School, her art teacher once amusingly gave her 120% for a sketch. She finally chose to study Information (a.k.a. Graphic) Design, to pursue her love of art professionally. Shortly after graduating she was invited back to the University to lecture. She did so part time for 2 years while practicing as a graphic designer. But Lené soon found the creative limitations of the corporate world stifling and chose oil painting instead. 


She began her new career in January 2000. Recognition in the art world came almost immediately. Her first gallery piece sold within two days. Within a year she had her first solo exhibition. In only five years she had art works in her choice of major galleries across South Africa, was featured in various art publications, on Nataniël’s "best of" CD cover, had participated in international collaborative exhibitions in India, New York and South Africa, and was well on her way to establishing a name. Again she was invited back to the University of Pretoria, this time as a fine artist, to inspire the students.

While she was still painting in the secular sector, Lené was chosen to collaborate on the Unity Series project. The project brought together some of the most acclaimed visual artists from the four corners of the globe to put their hand to a series of Nelson Mandela's sketches. Chosen for her skill more than her name, this project was an affirmation that Lené's works belonged on the international stage. 


Then in 2005, shortly after completing the Unity Series, the Lord made a surprising intervention in Lené's art career. He asked her if she was willing to surrender her talent to Him. He promised to anoint her works with His presence if she was willing to offer it all to His plan and purpose. She was not to seek fame or fortune, only His face. It was a trade of her glory for His. Two years later she opened her first exhibition for Him, called 'Gates of Glory.' The entire exhibition was a walk of faith, but the reward and privilege of watching the Lord touch His children there was more than she ever dreamed of.

Soon she was approached by the publications “Best of Worldwide Oil Painters,” and“International Current Masters.” Paintings were sold for public installation, and she was approached by various TV channels and radio stations for interviews, as well as having her works appear regularly on covers of JOY! and JUIG! Magazines. Other awards came from the "International Christian Art Competition" and the "American Art Awards". But she would soon disappear into obscurity for more than 10 years while God prepared her privately for what was to come.


In 2009, God came to Lené, asking if she would make an even deeper surrender. This time not only her art, but her all. He said He wanted to take her on a journey and the end of it would be of far greater good than anything that had gone before. Only two months later her mother had escaped death by a hair's breath and God's goodness alone. But her father was brutally and senselessly murdered. The season that followed took her to depths in God unlike anything she had known. Now, all of a decade later, the fruit of an extraordinary journey has produced her next project - 'God Came Running'. (See our Current Projects page for details).

Today, Lené lives in search of authenticity in her walk with God, and purity in her expression of it. And above all she longs for others to catch a glimpse of the endless beauty of her God.