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Nelson Mandela Unity Series with Lené Pienaar Art work

      In the later years of Nelson Mandela’s life, he produced a number of art works which reflected back on his remarkable life journey. Among these was a set of 6 pieces collectively called the Struggle Series. In 2004 a selection of artists from across the globe were invited to collaborate with Nelson Mandela by adding their hand to this set. The resulting works became known as the Unity Series.

      Since Nelson Mandela’s passing, it has fallen on his eldest daughter, Dr. Makaziwe Mandela, to honour her father by presenting this unique collaboration to the world. Amongst the works released is Lené Pienaar's original Unity Series oil paintings along with a limited edition of 95 sets of numbered, signed and authenticated print reproductions.

      For further information contact the Melrose Gallery, Johannesburg. 


        Nelson Mandela's message was not mere words but the living example of a truth carved out of his person. For a man to spend nearly three decades in prison – and then to be released and be handed the power to take retribution but to choose forgiveness instead – that is something the likes of which the world has seldom seem. That is what made the man a legend and left a legacy that echoes beyond the grave.

      His choice poses a question to us all - what would you and I do under the same circumstances? Could we choose love, forgiveness or kindness when the world deals us pain?

       My art explores those deeper places within us, the choices that define us and the moments that bring us face to face with eternity. I hope that through my hand in these works I am able to bring to life the incredible power of that one moment that changed not only a man, but a nation.