God Came Running

Lené Pienaar's ground-breaking new project.

Silently, behind the scenes, something extraordinary is happening...

Lené's definitive exhibition has taken an amazing turn over the past year. But before we get there, let's track what's happened so far:

First the full length novel, God Came Running, was written, edited, illustrated and prepared for release. After this a series of 24 oil paintings were made to depict the whole story of the novel in short form. Then things seemed to slow down while Lené tried to solve the challenge of a complex soundtrack she needed for the final phase of the project.


Painting from the God Came Running series: Herald of Hope 

In the calm before the storm she took to creating a blog. It was designed to be a helpful tool to navigate Christians through the many complex facets of the Christian life, dissect differing doctrines, explore the history of the Bible and other such topics. After her first five articles reached a few thousand views, she committed her heart to greatly expanding the project into a full website. The result was the ongoing project –

Then quite unexpectedly, Mauritz Lotz (a musical genius and legend in the South Africa music industry), contacted Lené offering his extraordinary musical skills to help on her exhibition. He was a God-send. As a result of his inspiring contribution, the soundtrack was laid down in just a few months during the 2020 lockdown. Again by God's unexpected provision, the extraordinary voice of Rhuan du Toit (formerly from Touch of Class) added his brilliance to the project's theme song, "Finally Home". As the project kicks into high gear, the Lord is drawing together the individual talents and recourses needed to make this unique project come to life in ways we never even dreamed of.

So what is busy happening? 

What was a novel and a series of oil paintings, is now becoming an animated film! Cutting-edge technology, which is being developed and released as the project comes together, is making it possible to do things we never could before and offering us a whole new way of bringing our story to life. We will drop sneak previews as the project develops over the next few month. 


More info coming soon.


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