God Came Running

Years in the making, this will be Lené Pienaar's definitive exhibition.

Story behind the exhibition:

Main elements of the exhibition:

Novel – completed

Oil Paintings – almost completed

Soundtrack – currently in progress

Video exhibition – coming soon

The timeline of making the exhibition:

Late 2008

The Lord speaks and the journey begins

The first song for the final exhibition is written

Lené's father is brutally murdered and a demonic onslaught is made on her at the scene of the crime. This begins 

an intense spiritual tussle under paralysing fear. Two long months later she is willing to allow God to lead her to a place of forgiveness of the murderer and there He releases her of the demonic stronghold that has gripped her. With the demonic darkness lifted, all is not yet normal. For the next two years Lené experiences a complete crushing of all she is. She cannot paint and doesn't know how she will ever manage to do so again, she is all but incapacitated, has no inner strength and cannot so much as perform every-day, simple tasks normally.

During this strange time, she finds comfort in writing. Unintentionally this writing slowly grows until she finally realises that a novel is emerging.



Lené is ready to try her hand at painting again. The first pieces hold traces of the difficult journey she has been on. But as the pieces progress, they become lighter and lighter and hope returns. (A few of these works are sold and replacement pieces need to be made).

Painting: Herald of Hope 


By 2012 the most intense phases of the journey is over,  and before Lené's own journey has reached it's conclusion, she attempts to bring the novel to one. This version of the novel was made available but as her journey went on, she withdrew the book to first allow her own journey to catch up. By around 2014 she was ready to truly finish writing the story.



With the most intense phase of the spiritual journey behind her, Lené is more functional and able to complete all but the final 4 paintings in the sequence.



The novel is completed and for the next year enters a rigorous editing process under the hand of a beautiful, veteran Christian editor in the USA.



It becomes time to address the practical side of the exhibition. It was planned as a travelling exhibition and so a mobile structure filling the area of a small school hall, is planned. Meticulous and careful planning goes into how the structure will be made as lightweight as possible, assembled quickly, transported compactly and so forth. A soundtrack for the exhibition still had to be made and consideration was given to how to give each person the audio experience without disturbing others, how would the mechanicas of allowing viewers to follow the progression of the paintings be managed, and how could the correct atmosphere be created at each phase of the exhibitions "journey". In short, the physical exhibition presented intense complexities which all had to be overcome on a shoe-string budget.


An enormous trailer was bought for transportation purposes. Alluminium frames were selected with lightweight, yet durable boards to form the walls of the exhibition, but many of the technical and logistical challenges did not find solutions.



Churches and other suitable venues were sought out to host the enormous exhibition, again more practical and logistical challenges would present themselves. For example churches could not make space available on Sundays and yet the exhibition needed to be set up and allowed to stand for near two weeks per venue. Traffic was another challenge since the exhibition could accommodate a maximum of 60 people per hour.



The final paintings neared completion and the soundtrack was attempted. This needed to not only express the journey of the exhibition but act as a guide, timing people's movements through the artworks. During her attempts to lay down the soundtrack, Lené realised that she was lacking the level of musical proficiency demanded by this extraordinary project.



By the time 2019 rolled around Lené had exhausted her funds and ideas on how to overcome the extreme financial, logistical and technical challenges the project presented. Fearing she was failing her Lord, it looked doubtful that the project would ever be completed. In late 2019, in response to questions she had received from people about the Christian life, she started a blog about Christian issues. When her first few articles drew a few thousand readers, she decided to expand the project into its own dedicated website aimed at helping people navigate and understand the Christian walk – GodSessions.com

 Lené hoped that even if she had failed the Lord with her exhibition, she might still be able to bring Him some glory through her writing. 



Maurits Lotz (a musical genius and near legend in South Africa music industry over the past few decades), contacted Lené offering his extraordinary musical skills to help on her next exhibition. Clearly he knew nothing of what she was busy with, nor that fact that her failure to be able to complete the soundtrack on her project had brought the entire project to a standstill. As a result of God's provision through this extraordinary man's talent, the soundtrack for the exhibition is laid down in just a few months. Again by God's provision, the extraordinary voice of Rhuan du Toit (from Touch of Class) adds his

As a result 

We will be launching a video exhibition during the lockdown period 2020. More info coming soon.


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