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Zia Mowatt, RSA.

“My husband and I read one of the copies when proof reading was still done. It changed our lives and we’ve been telling people over and over about this book that impacted us, changed us and our perspectives!”


A novel about the mystery of God's love.



Lancello is a scribe in heaven, but after recording the course of countless lives, a question now stirs him – why does God love those frail, tainted humans so much? All they ever do is fail Him. Angels have far more impressive qualities, so why are Father's attentions fixed on earth? Instead of answering the angel's question, God sends Lancello to help a girl called Jasmine Spencer. Lancello has never been to earth – he doesn't even like humans! None the less, he leaves the throne determined to do his Father proud.


On earth we meet a guardian angel called Skylock. This usually 7-foot warlord, has transformed himself into a regular delivery guy, to bring a parcel from Father-God to Jasmine (the girl he has guarded since her birth). He has never loved a human more, and this moment when she will look straight into his eyes – actually see him for the first time – is both thrilling and terrifying. 


These two angels – the devoted warrior and the disillusioned intellectual – will end up on a journey with Jasmine. Skylock revealing the reason for his bond with her and Lancello confused why such a powerful warlord would waste his talents.

The parcel Jasmine gets from Father spirals her life into chaos and sets a demon named Orgon on a collision course with her. It is his task to stop her from reaching her destiny. A task he tried to achieve once before until that blasted warrior Skylock showed up. Back then Orgon was a feared overlord, but losing against the guardian left him in disgrace. Now the only thing he rules over is a bunch of useless misfits. He has this one last chance to redeem himself. 

On this journey with Jasmine, Lancello revisits a scroll he wrote millennia before, of Jesus's life. And from that point the tale of Jesus's final hours weaves its' way into our story, finally revealing how His sacrifice 2000 years ago, ends up saving a girl from her current wounds and fears.

Cover of "God Came Running" novel
Back cover of "God Came Running" novel


Sketches found inside the novel.


What happens when an artist writes a novel? You guessed it – a book full of illustrations.​ Here are just a few of the artworks which can be found in the pages of the novel.

The sketches below relate to Jesus' side of the story – set in 30AD Jerusalem.

Character map
Character map
Jerusalem 30 AD map
Jerusalem 30 AD painting


Artworks inspired by the novel.


With the novel complete, we went on to the second phase of the project, which was to depict the story in a series of 25 paintings. The final painting is currently being completed ahead of our exhibition which will officially launch the book and release the artworks. This has been many years in the making, so be sure not to miss this one.

The oil paintings below relate to Jasmine's side of the story – set in the modern era.

"Herald of Hope" oil painting by Lene Pienaar
"Warrior" oil painting by Lene Pienaar
"Heavens Gates" oil painting by Lene Pienaar


Depicting the story of the novel


The third and final phase of this project is the most ambitious one. It will be to put the story to film. We intend to do this by using the latest advancements in technology, which allows us to bring highly realist animation to the screen. For a sneak preview of the work underway, take a look at our "Behind the Scenes" section.


Have a look behind the scenes at the film project underway, based on our novel.

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Into the grace and embrace of God.

"You are Welcome" oil painting by Lene Pienaar


Our Lord did not offer His life just to push us away. No, He seeks us out and says, "Come, you are welcome here. Come, I have already made a way for you." 

This painting was given to me in a vision. I saw the Lord's outstretched, pierced hands, and in the middle a mirror where I caught my own reflection. In that moment, He said, "You are welcome". The vision left me weeping. The same words are calling out to you today, whatever your need, He is able to catch you. Won't you fall into His open arms?

"Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” – Matthew 11:28-30

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